Reflections of Healing is a multi-faceted process of community building that includes the collaborative development of large-scale public installations featuring Bay Area residents – who through practice or legacy demonstrate healing. The project catalyzes partnerships between diverse and under-resourced communities, and residents through temporary and permanent actions across Oakland, CA.

Reflections anchors LIFE is LIVING (LIL), a national initiative that establishes a new model for partnerships between diverse and under-resourced communities, green action agencies, and the contemporary arts world. The pieces are being made over 3 years by over 14,000 LIL attendees, residents of Oakland and myself, through an integration of the creative processes I conduct with Marc Bamuthi Joseph and Youth Speaks. Youth Speaks, through their LIL Festival, has produced this free, popular public event every year since 2008.

Reflections of Healing video by Dimitri Moore


Reflections of Healing